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What Takes to Generate A Truly Beautiful European Hair Wig

Many women wear human hair wigs for various reasons. Historians stated that wigs are dated time for ancient Egypt. Human hair wigs was utilized right away, but cheaper wigs were also crafted from wool or natural fiber. Wigs were additionally a hot fashion item in ancient Greece, Rome and later on introduced in England and France and became a must for both males and females.

Indeed, a human hair wig is a wonderful fashion accessory and in this article, we're going to show you what it takes to generate a truly beautiful European hair wig.

Synthetic or animal hair wigs are less expensive and used mostly in theatrical costumes. These wigs are more durable, can be simply styled, colored and washed, but look less natural than real human hair wigs. Unlike readymade synthetic wigs, real human hair wigs can be a unique thing of beauty, handmade, personalized and usually uses up to a couple of months to generate. Human hair wigs are preferable over ready made wigs since they appearance and feel like the the real guy.

1.First step is to make sure that all the hair employed for making the wig is placed within the same direction, meaning - roots down. After the tresses are sorted out, the wigmaker combs it together to generate small batches of hair for your human hair wig.

2. Now the wigmaker must remove shorter hairs to create an all natural flow. This process is conducted by combing the batches of hair through a special wire brush.

3. After brushing, the chosen hair for the European hair wig is boiled, cleaned and inspected for lice.

4. After boiling it's time to wash your hair thoroughly using sanitizing soap and domestic hot water and allowing it to dry slowly in open air.

5. Once the locks are ready it can be blow dried or curled and even colored, all in line with the custom order.

6. Now it's time to produce the real hair wig within the shape in the client's head, either through the use of plaster or by simple measurements with the skull.

7. In most human hair wigs, different materials increase the risk for different parts from the head. Silk is utilized to make the inspiration with the wig along with the center is constructed of more rugged silk, cotton or sometimes nylon.

8, The next step involves the actual knotting of the head of hair towards the net in base in the real hair wig. There are several varieties of knotting and needles used, with respect to the type and length of hair. A full European hair wig takes little under 50,000 (!) knots meaning days and days very delicate work.

9. When the wig is ready, it could be further styled and designed and heated inside a special oven to keep its unique shape.

As you can observe, developing a natural splendor wig is a long process. But European hair wigs will remain beautiful for a long time costly and feeling like a natural hair.

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