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The Way To Wear Wigs

The Way to Wear Wigs

How to wear a cap ?
1. First put the cap around your neck.
2. Make the free side upwards, pull it up. You will feel your head a little tight during wear the cap at first time, because the cap has elasticity. So during the previous times, you can put the free side towards to your forehead, change to the other side until you adjust it .
3. Due to the resilience of the cap is very high, so you need to fixed the edge of the cap with the hairpin. Then you can make sure the wigs will not fall down during the process of vigorours exercise.
4. Pull up the bottom of the cap, put all the rest hair in the cap, then use your hands rub the hair evenly.  Use the hairpin to fixed the rest parts in the back side of your head.
5. To see yourself in the mirror, pat your real hair very gently, to make it more comfortable and the shape flatten. ( This is one of the keys to effect the shape of the wigs.)
Tips :
If your own real hair is very short , there is no need to wear the cap.
If you have long real hair, you can make to a high ponytail, it will very convenient to wear the cap.
If you real hair is very long and more, you can make them to braids and fixed them in the back of your head with hairpin, then you can wear the cap easily.

How to wear wigs?
Due to the wigs was packed after it fish making. So the hair is vrey neat and docile. So after you open the package, there is some steps to make the wig fluffy.
1. Care the wigs: Shor wigs or men wigs: Catch the buckle parts of the cap,shake the wig down to make the whole parts fluffy.  If you want the top parts of your head more fluffy, you can use the comb to shave the bottom of the wigs which on the top of your head.
Long wigs: Use your hands holding the wigs cap after you open the package, gently shake.. If it is long straight wigs, you can use the comb to sort out. But for curly or wavy wigs , comb can not used.
2. At frist, maybe there are some hair will be lose, this is a relatively loose weave problems in the production. And will not happen after a few times later. This is not quality problems. So please don’t worry.
3. After care the wigs, first adjust the wig behind reconcile buckle. We suggest that you can wear it in the last buckle, if it is free . Take off the wigs and adjust it to the right place. Then wear it again .
During you wear the wigs, take it front to back, adjust the position of the ears on both sides, ensure wear the wigs accurate location.
Hold down the front bangs, then pull the wigs to the back of your head.

Tips ;
If you it is your first time to wear wigs and don’t have  security,  turn up the head of hair, then fixed the cap and the inside net and also your real hair with hairpins.
4. Finishing wear wigs
Long Wigs, after wearing the wigs , leave some hairs in the sides of your body and the back side, to make sure the hairstyle looks are very natural,straight hair with a comb neatly finishing. Curls are not allowed to use comb. Short Wigs,surface with a special comb to make sure the wig looks very natural. Bangs will easily attached to the forehead, you can use your hands stroked along


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