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Remy Hair Is More Natural

Today, wigs seem to be a well known hair accessory. Women, especially, want to change their look by putting on wigs and hair extensions. There are many reasons why women may want to try this. Some have short hair and want another style with longer hair. Others might have lost their hair to sickness and cancer medications. While some, may simply need to enhance hair loss. Whatever the reasons may be, most want wigs or hair extensions . 
Human hair wigs and extensions give that natural look specifically those item which are made of Remy Hair. But, what's Remy hair ?  Remy tresses are considered the best hair for real hair wigs. The most impressive quality of Remy locks are the cuticles remain intact throughout the collection process. The locks are provided by a donor and collected uniformly with roots at one end and tips in the other. The format imitates the natural growth of hair and looks very realistic which leads to sleek, natural- looking hair which resists tangling. This is what makes Remy hair so desirable and expensive. 
The locks are separated into two categories. Virgin Remy and Non-Virgin Remy. Virgin Remy is believed to be the best because the hair is natural and unprocessed. This is usually the harder expensive of the two. Non-Virgin Remy hair has been processed in most form before converted into a wig or extension. Remy hair from India is easily the most popular kind of real hair. Indian tresses are similar in color and texture to most ethnic backgrounds. 'Temple hair' is considered the very best form of Remy hair. The hair is collected at Indian temples from women who shave their heads in a act of piety and provides their hair just as one offering with their gods. The locks are then gathered and auctioned to purchasers of hair from all of over the world. Brazilian Remy is second in popularity. The mix of Native South American Indian, European and African ancestry also produces hair that's of your versatile color and texture well suited for wigs and hair extensions. It is undeniable that Remy tresses are an exceptional of human hair. The care and in the collection means of keeping the cuticles uniformed and undamaged leads to the natural appearance and feel that wig and extension wearers want. The greatest drawback is, of course, cost. However, an investment in the wig or extension of Remy hair will far outweigh the fee when it comes to longevity and durability.
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