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    How to protect and clean the wigs ? The experts says , it is very important to wearing the wigs before you decide to buy it.Because of different headform and feature,there will be a great difference with personally tried and visual inspection.So during you wearing the wigs ,please notice that if the bun is well docile. If it is poorly designed, it  will look like a hat. When you using a wigs, we should clean and maintain it regularly .Proper maintenance may extend the life of the wig.

    First of all , the wig need to be put on dummy head or jar rather than being put randomly, otherwise it will be easily deformed.The frequency of cleaning the wig is based on visible air temperature, air quality and personal perspiration circumstances. If it is hot, it must be cleaned after 2 or 3 days.

    Usually, wig is cleaned with conditioner. If the wig is pretty dirty, you can also use washing shampoo. Furthermore, when blow-drying the wig, the wind will not be too hot, otherwise the wig will be charred and deformed.

    The experts suggested that cleaning the wig takes every two weeks for the people who wear the wig frequently.When cleaning the wig, we need to make sure that wig should be soaked in a small amount of shampoo for 5 to 10 minutes at first, then softly rinse and clean out the dirts adhering on the wig with comb. Don’t clean it with excessive strength.

    After washing, pat the water droplets with dry towel.then comb the wig to the original hairstyle, dry it in cool place. Don't expose the wig in sunlight or dry the wig with a hair dryer. Real,long hair on the scalp can get the supply of nutrients from human body, wig didn’t. In order to protect the normal shiny wig, rub the wig with a little oil after grooming. When the wig is not used in long-term, after cleaning, it should be put in the box vertically, and the head or model should be coupled with plastic sleeve. By doing so, the wig can not only keep its original hairstyle, but also prevent dust and bacteria from invading. Don’t fold or clamp the wig for storage casually.


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