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About Hair

Classification Of human Hair

Chinese Hair , European Hair, Indian Hair, Brazilian Hair. Brazilian Hair is the most popular in the world. Chinese Hair and European Hair is better hair wigs .

Chinese hair :Chinese hair is the largest amount of raw produce hair wigs, China has a large population, and Chinese hair is very hard, so it can rinse off and dyed after the acid treatment, also can change to new hairstyles. Now Chinese hair is very popular in United States and Europe.

Indian Hair : Indian Hair is very soft, it is not straight as Chinese Hair. In the other side , it has small curls. What’s more , the hair is easy break after the chemical processing.

European Hair : The color of European Hair is close to the wigs in the local market , it is the most expensive raw materials currently. European Hair is also very soft, it can not suitable for washing and dyeing. So more of European Hair directly used for hair extensions.


The Classification Of Synthetic Hair

Synthetic Hair :  Synthetic hair is a supplement for raw human hair. It also include heat resistant hair.

Heat Resistant Hair : Heat resistant can keep it’s original shape under high temperature of 270 degrees, so it can be made different styles.

Protein Filaments Hair : it is the material that the most close to human hair, and feel like human hair. It usually used as filler for upscale wigs. What’s more, protein filaments hair can automatic fire-retardant after combustion.

For the  limit  product in many countries, it is clearly required this point. Because tragedy occurred in many countries due to wigs.

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